a quick note about me.

so, welcome to my site! my name is simon, and i make music. here you will find my entire discography neatly organised, which you can stream directly here (courtesy of bandcamp embeds), a gallery of random shenanigans (like an art book and some photos i take here and there), my links, and a cute kitten at the top the page that follows your cursor. also, if you're reading this, please sign my guestbook!!

you want to know more? ok. well, i'm a 19 y/o dude from Brazil, and simon's not my real name. my favorite thing is homestuck, and it has been since before i actually knew it was. i suppose i also love music and i know a shit ton about it. i really love stylish and obscure games and throughout this site you'll find cool nods to all the stuff i like. i think my other interests don't matter, either way you can find out more about me on my twitter (@rhinestonehawk), or better, on my rym. and if you want to talk to me directly send me an e-mail on!

(fun fact, originally this page was going to play this song
but i couldn't find a way to make it play).

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